Sustainer Giving

Because resilience isn't built in an instant

Become a Monthly Monarch & support Maryhurst's lifechanging services over the long term.


The Maryhurst Monthly Monarch is our agency’s sustainer giving program. Donors participate by making a recurring gift. 

Becoming a Monthly Monarch is one of the most helpful ways to support Maryhurst’s mission throughout the year. Predictable, pledged contributions give us the flexibility to make timely and smart investments in the care that we provide for Kentucky’s children and families in greatest need. 

Monthly Monarch Impact: By the Numbers

No recurring gift is too small to make an impact and sustain our work. Take a look below at what various gift amounts equate to within our therapeutic programs for kids & families.


$18/mo: Gifting music, an emotional outlet...

Giving at this level equals the cost of an mp3 player for a child on our residential campus. Having music is a great coping mechanism during difficult times.


$31/mo: Making memories in the community...

A gift at this level equals the average funds needed for a day-trip outing off campus for a youth in residential care, inclusive of an activity and food.




$87/mo: Helping youth after they leave campus...

Our Aftercare team conducts "resource visits" where they help youth with tasks related to independence. Gifts at this level equal the cost of a typical visit.


$125/mo: Ongoing therapy with a family...

Recurring gifts at this level equal the cost for a family therapy session, where a child and caregiver meet with a clinician to build relationships and practice healthy emotional expression.