We believe kids have worth. Always.

Maryhurst’s campus-based residential program offers healing and hope to children who have been mistreated – whose past experiences have built feelings of mistrust, anger and worthlessness. We offer safe places to overcome past harms and rediscover strengths that position children for success.

Girls live in one of five cottages and typically attend Maryhurst Academy, an onsite, accredited Jefferson County Public School that specializes in behavioral support and one-on-one interventions.

Our therapies are collaborative: we work together with kids and their families to undo the persistent harms of trauma. In addition to traditional talk therapy, we plant gardens, play sports, and practice life skills together. We work hard to provide a safe environment that offers the tools needed to promote self-worth and restore healthy development.

Around 90 percent of girls who successfully complete our residential program move on to more independent settings like their families of origin, group homes or foster families.