Our Agency's Strategic Plan

We're building Maryhurst's future together, piece by piece. Each member of our community is an important part of the whole.

The agency's strategic plan, The ONE Maryhurst Plan, is a framework for our future that is collaboratively-created and maintained by our staff. The plan is a living document that sets a course for our organization’s future by laying out the timely and most important steps needed to achieve our mission of strengthening and empowering Kentucky's kids and families in greatest need.

The plan is sectioned into PILLARS, or strategic areas that will help us accomplish our mission.

Our plan pillars tell a story of “what’s now” and “what’s next” for us. Where will YOU fit in? 

Looking for the plan highlights? Check out our latest activity highlights from Q1 2024 here!


Pillar 1: Put People First

From youth and families in our programs to the staff who bring our mission to life, people must be our top priority. Maryhurst staff face challenging work and achieve excellence daily; Our workplace should be one that provides a culture of support, chances to grow, and ability for people to be their authentic selves. Our primary duty will always be to create safe, caring spaces where people can succeed.

Pillar 2: Programs Built for Impact

Kids and families deserve every opportunity to live out their potential, and it’s our job to empower them to get there. Whether it’s our residential support or the work we do with families in the community, providing quality care can be a complex task. Sustaining Maryhurst's impact over the long term will require us to pursue fresh ideas, measure outcomes, and adapt to the evolving needs of our environment. 

Pillar 3: Commitment to Community

We are stronger when we’re an active part of community-wide change. We seek to collaborate with partners on efforts that move us toward a shared vision of healthy, vibrant communities. With humility and a desire to learn, we can use Maryhurst’s influence to bring awareness and resources to important community issues.

Learn from staff leaders about the ONE Maryhurst Plan - Work Areas

The goals in our plan are guided by our "North Stars"

Trauma-Informed Care

Does this goal consider the lived experiences of the people it will affect and are we promoting an environment of healing?


Can we effectively measure whether this goal is eventually successful?

Core Values Alignment

How does this goal align with our four core values of Mercy, Individual Worth, Reconciliation, and Zeal?

Resource Allocation

Do we understand the resources it will take, both short and long term, to achieve and sustain this goal?  

Equity and Inclusion

Will this goal bring us closer to being an equitable organization? Will this foster a more inclusive culture?


Do we have the right people and skills at the table to achieve this goal, whether internal or external to Maryhurst?