How We Help

We work together with kids and families to build resilience and a sense of worth. 

Because we believe each child is inherently worthy of life, we’ve made a promise to be attentive to the messages and humanity behind each behavior, negative or otherwise. Our relationships with kids and families are partnerships. We treat survivors with respect and trust them as the experts of their own lived experience. We work to transform the lives of nearly 500 children and their families every single year.

Only we care for girls the others turn away.

We're the only nonprofit in the state serving adolescent girls that the Cabinet for Health and Family Services has diagnosed as being severely traumatized by abuse.

We bring out the best in students the system has failed.

After 180 days with Maryhurst, 85% of students show improvement in reading skills, and 65% show an increase in math scores.

We offer stability that leads to permanency.

90% of girls who successfully complete our programs are placed in less-restrictive settings like group homes or foster families.

We save public funds - the alternatives are three times as costly.

The total cost to care for children in our residential program is $320/day. The hospitals that house peers living with similar trauma can cost up to $1000/day.

We are innovators and leaders in compassion.

We were the first agency in the state to fully adopt trauma-informed care. Instead of asking “what’s wrong with you?” we ask “what happened to you and how do we help?”