July 05, 2019

Pillows With a Purpose

Entrepreneurial Girls Launch a Fundraising Business Supporting Maryhurst

Have you ever wanted a tidy and stylish way to handle your child's "transactions" with the Tooth Fairy? You'd be hard-pressed to find a better way than A&L's Pillows! They're the latest partner of ours to set-up a 3rd party fundraiser for us, which we're always so grateful to receive. 

Short for "Abbie and Lily's Pillows," A&L was founded by the granddaughters of Rosemarie Burton, a longtime Maryhurst supporter. Rosemarie's granddaughters - even at their young ages - have developed a strong passion for using their talents to help charitable causes. Since launching in 2018, A&L's Pillows has benefitted charities like Levine Children’s Hospital, KinderMourn, and Central Connecticut Arc. Now they've turned their support to Maryhurst!

Each pillow has a pocket that can hold the lost teeth as well as the Tooth Fairy's "payment." Thanks to the attached ribbon, the pillow can be placed outside the room on a doorknob.

At Maryhurst, part of our independent living program is all about encouraging an entrepreneurial spirit and, if it's the right fit,  the independence that can come from owning a business. That's why we loved the idea of A&L's Pillows as soon as we heard about it.

Abbie and Lily are donating $4 from each pillow sold to Maryhurst. You can purchase the pillows by mail order using the form below or by sending payment via paypal ([Number of pillows x $10] + $2 for shipping) to a.l.pillows1@gmail.com, Noting "Maryhurst Pillows for Purpose" in the memo line. 


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