April 30, 2018

Spotlight on Women 4 Women

Maryhurst is a proud recipient of W4W’s 2018 Grants Program

Women 4 Women, a non-profit organization led by women who believe that a core strength of our society rests on the contributions of women, has announced the recipients of its latest wave of grants.

Maryhurst is thrilled to have once again been selected as a W4W grantee. W4W’s funding priority, namely to power transformational, high-impact projects for women, aligns closely with our mission to provide healing to young women who have survived severe cases of abuse and neglect.

This year’s grant will fund Maryhurst’s Transitional Living program, overseen by our VP of Residential Programs Christine Sedita.

Here’s what Christine had to say about W4W and their grant:

“We’re tremendously grateful to once again be a beneficiary of Women 4 Women’s grant program. Women 4 Women has been a generous supporter of Maryhurst’s work to end the cycle of abuse in Kentucky, and their grant this year will power our Transitional Living team that acts as a support system for survivors of trauma as they begin navigating young adulthood. Because of these funds, we’ll be able to help more youth find and keep a job, rent their first apartment, and secure resources for higher education.”

Learn more about our transitional program here.

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